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What Makes a Great Ecommerce Website

Launching an ecommerce store means making so many important decisions — both technical and creative.  You need to choose an ecommerce platform, find a store template that matches your needs, add custom design elements, plugins, extensions and other configurations. And then there are countless things that you could tweak: typography, header, homepage, landing pages, product categories, product pages, product images, shopping cart, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, checkout process, pop-ups, etc.

We Build Websites That Convert

Many businesses don’t understand the power behind effective ecommerce website design. Creating a website that converts is about more than simple utility and functionality — you want a website that gently guides people to make a purchase. In addition to a web server that can host a storefront, a secure payment processing system, a dispatch system, and an inventory database, the goal here is to develop something that’s completely customized for your business.

Working with an experienced ecommerce web design company can ensure that you skip the trial and error stage most companies experience when they transition to an ecommerce store. Let us design a top-quality, high-functioning website that drives sales like never before. Discover how working with the best web design agency can result in a fresh, innovative website that increases your ROI and pushes your business forward.

Flourish With TechVisions

You may be wondering, why choose TechVisions? What’s so great about our ecommerce web design company?

At TechVisions, we provide you with extensive experience, enduring passion for our craft, and a desire to constantly push the boundaries of website design to ensure your business succeeds. Just look  — since our inception, we’ve launched many websites that saw a massive jump in traffic and sales.

We’re more than just numbers, though. Our integrity and commitment to excellence guarantee on-time delivery of completely custom ecommerce website designs. We take the time to understand your business goals and help your company flourish.

Our Process

  1. BRAINSTROM: During a kickoff meeting, we’ll begin a deep dive into your goals and explore existing analytics data to develop a potent marketing strategy.
  2. DESIGN: We research prospective design options to ensure the perfect website that incorporates all the features and plugins you need.
  3. DEVELOPMENT: We build your project in your preferred platform — whether it’s Shopify, Magento, WordPress, or BigCommerce.
  4. TEST: Our team QAs and tests every aspect of your website to ensure functionality, website speed, and responsiveness on all types of devices
  5. LAUNCH: This includes a transition of website control from our ecommerce web design company to your own internal team. Updates and maintenance can continue at your request.
  6. OPTIMIZE***: Our web developers and SEO specialists continue to optimize your website and keep up with developments from search engines.***

***Conditions Apply

What We Can Do For You

  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN ON ALL DEVICES: People are on their cell phones for hours every day. In fact, 44% of people open emails and take care of everyday tasks on their phones. Your website strategy must be responsive to target traffic coming from all types of devices, including tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

  • INVENTORY UPDATES AND MANAGEMENT: You have products coming in and going out of your inventory every day. Each item should be integrated appropriately into your ecommerce web design to ensure instant updates and an accurate count of your stock. You won’t need to update or manage anything manually!

  • INTEGRATED SHIPPING PLUGINS: Our ecommerce web design company knows how important it is to have a variety of shipping options for your customers. We can include standard, priority, and specialized shipping selections right into the checkout process. Depending on the plugins available in your platform of choice, we can even specify a shipping company.

  • OFFERS, SALES, AND DISCOUNTS: Do you send out coupons and sale announcements to help drive your sales and increase traffic? We can create offers that seamlessly integrate with your website functionality to automatically apply discounts in customer carts and set expiration dates on coupons.

  • CONSTANT SEO UPDATES: Keywords and other organic search terms are critical to improving your website rankings in search results and driving high-quality traffic from your target audience to your website. As search engines evolve, so do we — ensuring that your website functionality and optimization strategies follow best practices guidelines.

  • ECOMMERCE EXTENSIONS AND PLUGINS: Our ecommerce web design company doesn’t do one size fits all. From secure payment gateways and traffic analytics to validating addresses and tracking shipments, there’s a plugin for that. Tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll add in the right extension to make it happen.

Ecommerce FAQs

We have answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answers here? Reach out to us now.

Whether our ecommerce web design company is creating a completely new website or redesigning your current website, we check for your approval every step of the way. You will receive detailed mock-ups of the most important pages before we move ahead.

We have a dedicated graphics department that can create anything you can imagine. From branding and logo design to unique infographics, our team can do it all.

Our ecommerce web design company bases our pricing on many different factors, including your specific goals. We are completely transparent throughout the entire process and don’t begin work until you’re happy with the scope of the job and the proposed cost. Get an estimate for our services today!

Since each project is completely unique, we determine a specific deadline after discussing the full scope of your project. Typically, ecommerce web design from scratch takes about 6-8 weeks.

If you’re looking to migrate an existing WordPress website to an ecommerce platform or you want to update a website you aren’t happy with, our web development team is here to help. We have experience with WooCommerce and more.

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